How to Fill Gap under Vinyl Fence? 9 Quick and Easy Methods

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My pets, Rocky and Bunny, love to play outside. Every evening, I used to take time for myself despite the hectic routine and enjoy reading my favorite novels with a cup of Joe. While cherishing my solace time, Rocky and Bunny run like crazy, chase each other, and escape in a moment from under my vinyl fence. I fear they don’t get caught anywhere. So I decided to fill gap under vinyl fence, wondering how to do it the right way.

I talked to my friend, a builder at a multinational construction company, and he gave me the best suggestions on how to fill the gap under the vinyl fence. Curb filler is the idea I liked the most since it is easy and quick, though I had many other practical options. So here I would like to share what I learned and admired. Trust me; it will be helpful to you, especially if you can relate to my story and have faced the same problem.

My article explores the causes of gaps under vinyl fences, how to fill them, and how to do it quickly. Get all your questions answered in 10 minutes by reading this guide.

Vinyl fencing is a great way to add elegance to your home exteriors. It is long-lasting, low-maintenance, insect-resistant, rust-proof,  and inexpensive compared to the conventional wood or mesh fence. Nevertheless, the gap under the vinyl fence can be problematic, particularly if you have pets or small kids in your home. Well, it’s essential to rule out the causes of such voids before we move on to the solution section. So here are some reasons:

What Causes Gap under Vinyl Fence?

Sometimes, when your ground is unparallel or uneven, it’s likely that there will be voids between the land and the fence. So it’s better to deal with your sloping or uneven ground before installing a vinyl fence.

Another reason is not digging deep enough before installing a vinyl fence, which can contribute to its instability. Therefore, excavate a deep post to prevent gaps under your fencing. A quick tip is to measure accurately, dig correctly, and prefer customized vinyl fences.

How to Fill Gap under Vinyl Fence?

Here are 9 easy and quick ways to fill the gap under a vinyl fence.

1. Stepping Stones

Stepping stones which we use to make paths in a garden, park, or yard, are the best to fill voids under the fencing. They come in various shapes and sizes, plain or patterned. Using this method, you only need to buy some stepping stones from a hardware shop and put them in the gap.

2. Add Dirt

Adding dirt to the voids under the fence is the most affordable and accessible method. You can get free soil from anywhere. Just put heaps of dirt in the gap, and Voila! Your fence is now protected. Nevertheless, if you have pets like dogs, this method will not benefit you since dogs love digging in the soil.

3. Add Bushes

You can also add bushes right before your vinyl fencing to fill the gaps. The root system of the shrubs will add extra sturdiness and stability to your barricade. You can choose flowery shrubs to make your fence look beautiful or select pest-resistant varieties for a healthy garden.

4. Add Concrete or Curb Filler

Sturdy and durable, concrete is the best option to fill gaps under your vinyl fence. You can get concrete of varying sizes from any hardware store. Using this method, you only need to fill concrete in the voids.

Moreover, you can add concrete blocks; however, the process is a bit tricky and permanent, so position your fence accurately before beginning. I chose the curb filler method for my vinyl fencing. Curb fillers are also made of concrete and are easy to introduce.

5. Add Solid Filler

Solid fillers are similar to curb fillers, yet they are made of asphalt. These are employed to fill voids in sidewalks. However, you can use it too.

6. Putty Material

Putty material (joint compound) works like magic, particularly if you have large voids under your fence. Put the joint compound in the space and let it firm. You can sand it down for a better finish and evenness.

7. Steel Mesh

For small to huge gaps, steel mesh works best. You can use galvanized steel, which is more reliable, sturdy, secure, and long-lasting. For this purpose, accurately measure the size of the gap. Buy the mesh from a hardware store and staple it properly. It’s ideal for people with pets.

8. Landscaping Fabric

Using the landscaping fabric is easy to install, quick, and easy way to fill gaps under your vinyl fencing. It’s a kind of woven material that is used to prevent the growth of weeds and soil erosion. Also, it’s readily available and affordable. The only thing I know flawed about it is that it is not a permanent solution due to lack of durability and strength.

9. Shims

Shims are small wooden pieces you can use to fill the gaps under your vinyl fencing. You only need to pack it tight for a sturdy and stable base.

How to Do it Quick?

Follow these steps to do it quickly.

  1. Measure the gap under the vinyl fence.
  2. Choose your best-suited material/method to fill the voids.
  3. Buy, cut, or weigh the material according to the dimensional requirement.
  4. Introduce, attach, or pour the material in the gaps and let it set or dry.
  5. Level the material using a trowel or sand it down if required.
  6. Follow the same steps for each void.



  • Always wear gloves, face masks, and eye goggles before dealing with toxic industrial materials.
  • Measure the gap accurately; particularly important when going for permanent methods to fill gaps.
  • Sanding off specific material is crucial to avoid sharp corners
  • Try to choose concrete and stones of equal sizes for a stable foundation for your fence.

Summing Up

Well, these were the 9 ways you can fill the gaps under your vinyl fence. For the best results, follow the cautions and eliminate the reasons for such gaps under your fencing. You can choose any method and make it more beautiful using flowery plants, paints, and decorative stones.

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