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    We strive for excellence when it comes to installing fences

    Our fence installers are committed to exceeding customer expectations in installation quality and customer service from premium selection to installation. We will help you find out more about your options as we love knowledgeable clients, and we will recommend you the best choice for your specific fencing requirements. The installation will be scheduled as soon as possible and at your most convenient time. We value your time as our own.

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    • We will offer a Free Site Visit as soon as possible
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    Benefits Of Fence Installation

    A fence will add an extra level of security to your property, which will prevent thieves and other unforeseen threats.
    Increases Home Value
    A property with a fence around it is worth more in value than a house without it. A professionally constructed fence adds more value and curb appeal to your property.
    Noise Reduction
    A fence serves as a noise buffer. If your property is in a particularly noisy environment, you might need to install a fence to have peace of mind and to shut the noise out.
    A fence guarantees your privacy on your property. Your backyard is free from the prying eyes of neighbors who monitor people subconsciously.
    Protection from Weather
    A well-installed fence can be the perfect solution to bad weather. A fence will contain the impact of the weather by acting as a protective barrier for damaging winds.
    Prevent Land Encroachment
    Preventing land encroachment is another significant benefit of installing a fence. A well-installed fence is usually done in a way that the edge measures and defines the perimeter of the property.

    We're The fence contractor That You Can Trust

    We at Expert Fence understand the value of trust:
    When hiring a fence contractor, you need to ensure you don't lose your deposits or get your bill low. When inviting fence contractors to your property, you need to be credible for their integrity.
    When you hire us, that's precisely what you get and an irreplaceable level of trust

    Professional Team

    We are passionate about professionalism. Our mission is to educate, train and inspire people to be character leaders who work on the values ​​of respect, responsibility, and integrity for all team members. Prepare for a career of loyalty, professional excellence, and service to our customers. We consider it a huge investment a well-trained team member can provide you with the services you deserve.

    First-class customer service

    From the first call to the final inspection, our team provides friendly, attentive, responsive, high-quality fence installation or fence repair services and excellent communication. Our passion for delivering the best customer service in the fence industry has helped us become the top-rated and reviewed fencing company in our area.

    High-quality fencing installation services

    We install high-quality fence products; our professionals will guide you on what to select and not because we are on your side. We will provide sincere advice; this is the quality that our customers love, and hire us again and again for any fencing needs.


    wooden fence


    • Timeless
    • Practical
    • Inexpensive
    vinyle fence


    • Affordable
    • Secure
    • Long-Lasting
    aluminum fence


    • Beautiful
    • Durable
    • Low-Maintenance
    vinyl fencing


    • Elegant
    • Reliable
    • No Regular Maintenance


    A Fence Expert provides all of their customers with superior service, top-quality materials, and expert advice to satisfy customers at a competitive price.
    Our Experience
    Licensed and insured with over 20 years of experience.
    Professional Service
    All contracts are completed in a timely fashion with expert team member.
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    Quick and precise fence estimates & proposals.
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    Customer experience

    Save Time and Money with a Top-Rated Service

    I am very impressed! Your workers have left me with really considerable knowledge of our new smoke alarm system and appliance.

    Yelp Reviewer

    Not only were they the most thorough with the initial inspection, but workers also had the best price offer I have searched for.

    Yelp Reviewer

    They performed the most comprehensive inspection and the handyman was the most knowledgeable worker I have ever met.

    Yelp Reviewer

    The workers were great-knowledgeable, courteous and very efficient. They finished on time and I am very satisfied.

    Yelp Reviewer

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    We offer a wide selection of wood fence, aluminum fence, steel fence, chain link fence, and pvc fences to fit your needs.
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    We provide fast, custom quotes at competitive rates without sacrificing service quality.
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    Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our professional fence installers are dedicated to providing quality work.


    At Fence Experts, we stand behind our work and words. Since 1999, the reputation we have built is something we are particularly proud of. Texas owners know that they can trust our high-quality results from high-quality services. High-quality service is a reputation we strive to build in every project.

    All the trust we have built-in San Antonio comes from our commitment and guarantee to excellence. We will use just high-quality products, and highly trained professionals will use these products so you can rest assured your assets are in good hands that you will leave with peace of mind.

    We guarantee manufacturing or installation defects for three months. After installing a new fence or gate, we will provide service at the cost of up to three months beyond the warranty period.

    You don’t have to worry about Expert fence finishing the project and leaving the rest to you. We not only stand by our work, but we are proud of every project and want to make sure it is also an advertisement for us.

    We have been in business for over 20 years because our customers love us and trade repeatedly. This is not a reputation that can be built overnight. We are particularly proud that our fellow homeowners and business owners trust our fencing services.

    This is a big part of why we have been successful for years.

    If you would like to know more about our fencing services, or if you would like to schedule a 100% free non-obligatory fencing quote, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will love to hear from you.

    How to choose the right fence design?

    First, you need to determine the purpose of the fence. Do you want to enhance your property’s privacy, security, or aesthetics? You can choose from different types of fences. You can discuss your needs with our professional team. Here are some of the most common decoration and privacy fences we install: when he is on your property in Texas, we give you the best advice.

    • Overlap fences
    • Closeboard fences
    • Picket fences
    • Larchlap fences
    • Front yard fence
    • Ranch fence
    • Privacy fencing
    • Different types of screenings, such as bamboo and more
    • Iron fencing
    • Rustic pool fence ideas
    • Pool fencing options
    • Steel fencing
    • Privacy fence installation

    We understand everyone wants to feel secure and have some privacy with their loved ones while sitting on their lawn or the backyard. We know which fence you need, either its privacy fence installation or fence repair; we are here to work with you from selection of design to final installation. We will make sure your new fence will be 100% tailored to meet your security needs, style, schedule, and, more specifically to your budget.

    What our customers say about fence company san Antonio

    We love our customers very much. And that’s because we’re doing an excellent job for them! For those looking for ” local fence installers in san Antonio texas,” we are their one-stop shop for all fencing needs.

    Who are we?

    With extensive experience, we are a trusted partner who can accompany you for all your residential and commercial fencing installation and fence repair. We provide thoughtful solutions and consistent experience in terms of quality and reliability. Our professionals are backed by a dedicated leadership committed to serving the area, nothing less than excellent.

    Affordable service provider

    You want most for your money. Our highly sophisticated processes, operational efficiency, and long-term management approach ensure cost-effective, consistent, high-quality service. We are always ready to formulate budget-friendly ways for our customers.

    Relationship with customers

    Relationships and results guide us. We put our team and customers first and are proud of their success. We focus on providing unprecedented service that exceeds your expectations and results

    Expert advice when needed

    If you need advice or help plan your own peaceful outdoor heaven, fencing experts have a wide range of practical and creative tips based on our xx years of knowledge and experience. Handing over your project to a handyman who has no proper knowledge, skills, experience, and reputation. There is no reason to do it. Our price is reasonable, the service is excellent, and the installation quality is excellent. Satisfied by providing customer service excellence to ensure you are satisfied with the results.

    Call us today for a free quote and in-depth advice.


    1. What is the cost of fence installation?

    Actually, every customer has individual needs; once you discuss your project with our experts, we will provide an affordable solution that will fit your budget.

    2. Do you provide fence stain and sealer services?

    Yes, we provide all services related to fencing needs. Contact us to discuss your project; we will guide you on which option is best for you.

    3. Do you offer fence replacement services?

    Yes, we will take care of all your fence replacement needs. We will handle everything from freeing your space to installing a new one.

    4. How to find a fence company in my area?

    Simply type on google “fencing company in my area” You will find many options from where you can go with a reputable company for your fencing needs.

    5. How can I make an appointment with you?

    Scheduling an appointment is so easy. You can make a phone call, send an online request, join an online chat. Our dedicated team member will ask questions about your fencing needs and your soonest possible time to arrange an initial visit for accurate estimates.

    6. What happens if it rains?

    We check the forecast daily, and we can serve the whole team even in the rain, but if the weather surprises us and we don’t guarantee high-quality results, we can easily reschedule the booking.

    7. Do you provide a free fence quote?

    Yes, we will provide you with an estimated free fence quote once we have an initial visit to your place.

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