How to Make Chain Link Fence Taller? Extend Your Privacy Limits

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Does your new pet know how to climb the fence? Are your neighbors overlooking you from their tall barricade? Do you want to make your territory more secure and private? Whatever the reason, it’s always best to extend your fence for added privacy and protection. Now you might be wondering about the solution to this very problem.

So this article answers your queries and suggestions on “how to make chain link fence taller.” Moreover, here I’ll briefly explain to you the process of extending your fence height and some critical considerations before you begin the process. Now grab your tools, gird up your loins, and be ready to work.

How to Make Chain Link Fence Taller? Ideas

So here are some ingenious ideas to make chain link fences taller

Fence Post Extenders

Fence post extenders are the most uncomplicated and inexpensive devices used to increase the height of your fence. These are available in various sizes and materials from any hardware store, such as metal, wood, or plastic.

For the execution of this idea, measure the height of your existing chain link fence and buy the fence post extender about two to three feet tall. Remove the nails or screws from your old barricade and slide in the new fence post extender. You can then secure it firmly by hammering some nails. Just ensure not to overhit or will crack break your extender.

Trellises or Arbors

You can also use trellises, arbors, or pergolas to heighten your chain link fence. This idea adds to not only the security and privacy but also the aesthetic appeal of your yard, making it an ideal place to sit and have a quality tea time. Adorn your decorative frameworks with climbing vines, creepers, or flowering plants. You can buy these structures readymade from any hardware shop or make them yourself using wood, nails, posts, and wood joinery.

Plants and Climbers

Well, if you don’t want to add trellises or arbors to your chain link fence, you can simply attach some wooden dowels to your mesh bar with plastic wire clips. Then, hang and train your creepers to grow upward to cover the dowels and make a luscious green frame over your traditional chain link fence. Indeed, it’s the simplest, quickest, and most inexpensive way to make chain link fences taller.

Commercial Fabric/ Mesh Cloth

Commercial fabric or mesh cloth, e.g., tarp, which is used to make tents, can also aid in extending your chain link fence. For this purpose, you can simply buy a large piece of such fabric or canvas and cut it according to your required measurements. Using the plastic tiers, clips, and poles, you can make a framework to which your mesh cloth will attach. This idea appeals to the eye and works best in areas with high winds.


Tenax is a bioriented, environment-friendly polypropylene fence with enhanced tensile strength and safety. It’s an excellent alternative material to make chain link fences taller using supplies like galvanized wire clips and T posts.

Moreover, with no sharp edges and spikes, the Tenax fence is ideal for properties that own pets, small children,  and domestic animals. However, being flimsy compared to the conventional chain link fence, this Tenax fence is not an ultimate option for added security against wild animals and robbers.

Welded Wire

Another easy way to extend the height of your chain link fence is using welded wire. As the name suggests, this wire is heated, melted, and attached to the existing or new line posts to make your chain link fence taller.

You can also opt for the galvanized wire to prevent rusting and corrosion of your barricade. Using wire clips, pliers, T posts, or new line posts, attach welded wire mesh and fold about fifteen inches at the right angle to prevent your pets from escaping.

Barbed Wire and Barbed Wire Extender

Barbed or barb wire is a steel fence comprising numerous twisted sharp edges or points. These are the best and most effortless means to add security to your territory. You can use pliers or wire clips to attach a barbed wire to the top of your chain link fence. Also, you can attach barbed wire extenders to the line posts for added extension and security.

PVC Pipes or Poles

One of the most inexpensive methods on how to make chain link fence taller is using PVC pipes or plastic poles. Simply attach these devices to your chain link fence’s line posts or T posts using wire clips or plastic canvas cords.

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How to Make Chain Link Fence Taller? The Process

  1. Firstly, measure the height and width of your old chain link fence to get an idea of how much more you want to extend it.
  2. Next, wisely opt for the type of material or device you want as an extender that is workable and affordable at the same time.
  3. Buy your selected material according to the required dimensions; just ensure that the total height of your fencing should not exceed 6 feet.
  4. Gather all additional supplies such as nails, screws, pliers, wire clips, canvas cords, hammers, wrenches, etc.
  5. Remove the section of your chain link fence as required. For example, remove the old line posts to replace them with fence post extenders. Here you should not uproot the whole fence.
  6. Cut, create, or construct the framework or material you wish to add to extend the height of your barricade.
  7. Attach your device using additional supplies you have gathered.
  8. Ensure that all nails and screws are firmly tightened. Finish the process by cutting extra clip lengths and trimming the mesh fabric (if you choose).
  9. Repeat and complete the process.

Before You Do So

Before extending the height of the chain link fence bordering your territory, ensure that it is legally permitted. In other words, find out the HOA regulations that may apply to your locality and get a permit before you begin the process.

Take Away

In conclusion, elevating your territory’s defense system while keeping its aesthetic appeal is a great deal of thought and work. Always plan before you begin the process and consider the essential parameters that could influence the way your extended fence works. Opt for the materials and extenders that best suit your existing fence, and weather demand. It should also comply with legal regulations.

So whether you build a trellis or add a hardware cloth to your chain link fence, ensure that it appropriately affixes and meets all the needs of privacy, security, protection, and aesthetics. Ponder over the above suggestions and follow the instructions for a functional yet fascinating chain link fence.

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