Inexpensive Ways to Cover a Chain-link Fence

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Chain link fences are affordable and enduring. They need little upkeep and are highly flexible to almost any requirement. One can go to a pile of different colours and styles with chain-like fencing. Chain link fencing carries a valuable extent. A chain-like fence offers several benefits, among which flexibility and sturdiness are the most important.

Moreover, Chain link fencing needs a little installation time. Chain link fences are galvanized. Thus they are strong enough to resist decades of outdoor activity. Chain fences are mended by cutting or by simply removing them. After that, replace them with new parts. One won’t have to be concerned about replacing the fence between 10 to 30 years.

Despite its benefits, chain-like fencing has some flaws that need to be evaluated. They provide no privacy and lack security. Chain-like fences do not provide a solid wall of the guard. They are not considered privacy fences. Moreover, Chain-link fencing is not regarded as perfect for security. If someone needs a fence for privacy or security, go for more valuable options or go for its solution.

It is ideal to substitute the chain link fence with a solid one. But if one tries to extract this fencing, one might have a hard time. Because at the installation time, the posts are buried profoundly and held tightly in place with concrete anchors. Thus removal becomes even more difficult.

Rather than removing the chain-link fence, a more accessible alternative is to upgrade the fence. That is done for a polished look with plenty of privacy. There are many inexpensive ways to cover or upgrade a chain-like fence. Some are explained or discussed below:

1- Chain Link Fence Slats:

Chain link fences allow long, narrow pieces to be inserted vertically into its chain-like format. Then why not do an entire fence of this? That’s the idea behind this traditional way of upgrading the chain-link fences. Thus these individual slats slide in from the top and stay in place without means of attachment.

The slats to be inserted are made of high-density aluminum. Its installation is easy. Chain-link slats can last for decades due to their durability. Moreover, when slats are damaged, they are changed on a one-for-one basis.

Pros of chain-link fence slats:

  • Chain-link slats are incredibly durable to use in all weather conditions.
  • It can last for decades.
  • They are inexpensive.
  • Improving the appearance of the chain-link fence.
  • Available in diverse designs and styles.

Cons of chain-link fence slats:

  • Chain-like fence slats provide vague privacy.
  • Also, slow and tedious installation is there for chain-like fence slats.

2- Mesh Wind Screen/Privacy Screen:

Another inexpensive method to upgrade the chain-like fence is using the mesh windscreen. A Mesh windscreen, also known as a Privacy screen, provides privacy. The Mesh privacy screen is water and wind porous. It has a double-thick rim around the frame and brass grommets on the trim. Thus one can attach it to the chain link with zip-ties.

Mesh screening is highly durable. Mesh screening is non-organic UV-rated polypropylene. That’s why it lasts for many years, more so than with any organic product. Mesh screening is the lowest cost solution to cover chain-like fences. Mesh privacy screens are more about utility than beauty.

Ways to Cover a Chain-link Fence

Pros of Mesh Wind Screen/Privacy Screen:

  • Highly privacy screens are available.
  • Mesh Privacy screens are the least expensive method to cover chain-like fences.
  • Inexpensive coverage for large expanses.

Cons of Mesh Wind Screen/Privacy Screen:

  • Provides an elementary & practical look.
  • Dark colours cave to UV rays faster.
  • They don’t work well for most homes from an aesthetic outlook.

3- Reed Screens:

Reed screen is a very affordable way to cover or upgrade chain-like fences. Reed screens are the best option if one wants to cover up their chain link fence in a day. Reed screens are cheap bamboo-like coverings for existing chain-like fences. Reed fences are typically utilized to cover chain-link fences. Reed fencing is an exclusively designed, excellent addition to your home.

Thin bamboo reeds are about the thickness of a drinking straw. They are woven together into 8- to 16-foot long mats. Reed screens are usually installed vertically. Reed screens stay stunning for about a year or two. After that, the reeds change from golden-brown to grey. Then start to fall out of the wire weaving material.

Pros of Reed Screens:

  • Reed fencing is incredibly lightweight.
  • Although the reeds are thin, they are still a good option for privacy.
  • Fast and easy way of installation.
  • An inexpensive method to upgrade chain-like fences.
  • Reed screens are an excellent quick fix.

Cons of Reed Screens:

  • Deteriorates quickly.
  • Rapidly changes colour.
  • Poor choice for the long-term.

4- Wooden Fence Panels:

Regular wooden fences can be screwed onto chain-link fences using U-brackets to cover chain-like fences. Since these panels are pre-assembled in a factory, there is no need to apiece nail-up panels. The wooden Fence panel’s durability is usually ideal. Any species of wood can be utilized for wooden fence panels. But the features and strength added to our chain-like fences depend significantly on the characteristics of the wood used.

Ways to Cover a Chain-link Fence

A wooden fence panel is one of the rare choices that will make the chain-link fence look entirely different in a good way. As fence panels are weighty, one will need a large truck or an assistant to help them pick up the panels. Moreover, fence panels are tough to hold, so two people are required to deal with these panels.

Pros of wooden fences panels:

  • Good for privacy.
  • Looks like a virtual wood fence.
  • Protect your family, garden furniture, and tools with a barrier that won’t be easy to cross.
  • Wooden fence panels add to the overall appeal of a home.

Cons of wooden fences panels:

  • Large fence panels are challenging to handle.
  • Due to the nature of the word, there is no warranty for the wooden fences.
  • Not easy to install on chain link posts.

Chain link fencing holds functional value. The way to upgrade or cover the chain-link fence must be chosen wisely, considering one’s specific needs. In this consideration, our specialists & skilled contractors can help you choose the best way to upgrade the chain-link fencing.

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