Front Yard Fence Ideas

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The fences are primary design features that restrain wild animals from entering someone’s area. Thus works as a hurdle for invaders. Fences not only keep the intruder outside someone’s property. But it also holds things inside like kids. Privacy, security, and noise reduction are some of its essential edges. Moreover, fencing can provide a safe play environment for children and pets. A lovely built fence exalts a home’s overall appeal.

There are different attractive ideas for front yard fences. Some front yard fence ideas are briefly explained with pros and cons to help clients select the best option according to their needs.

Aluminum Fences:

An aluminum fence is built mainly from the element’ aluminum’. Aluminum fences have become popular due to the metal’s capacity to resist decay. Aluminum fencing is available in a wide range of designs.

They come in many colours, which are applied with powder coating. An electrostatic method is used to apply the coating. That is cured under heat to form a solid surface.

Pros of Aluminum Fences:

  • Non-corrosive Nature: Aluminum does not rust as it’s a non-ferrous metal. It means aluminum reacts less to moisture. Thus it reduces the risk of decay. Chemically, aluminum is not easily rusted. Due to this versatile quality, Aluminum fences do not fade under the steady attack of moisture.
  • Recyclability: Aluminum is a recyclable material. Aluminum fences are made of recyclable materials. This quality makes them eco-friendly.
  • Low-Maintenance: Aluminum fences require low upkeep over their lifespan. That is due to the powder paint coating used during its manufacturing. It also reduces solid chemical finishes as aluminum does not require a regular redo.
  • Cost-effective: Aluminum fences are very cost-effective compared to other fences. Aluminum is readily available, making it cheaper for fabrication. It does not require upkeep costs, making it cost-effective.

Cons of Aluminum Fences:

Despite its unique advantages, it has some catches, which are explained below:

  • Installation Process: Installing aluminum fences takes more time than other fencing types. The aluminum fence requires its posts to be landed in concrete and bolted using stands. In addition, the concrete needs a 3-4 day wait span to suitably set.
  • Security and Privacy: Aluminum fences are perfect for sites whose security needs are moderate. However, steel fences are much more critical for standing up against harsh weather. An aluminum fence is also see-through. That’s why this is not ideal for those who prefer privacy & security.

Chain-like Fences:

Chain link fencing holds usable value. And offers shields for domestic applications. Galvanized steel wires are used for their manufacturing. The wires bent into a zig-zag pattern. That needs little upkeep. Moreover, these fences are highly flexible. A chain-link fence is a kind of twisted fence.

Chain-like Fences

Pros of Chain-Like Fences:

A chain-like fence offers several benefits. Some are discussed below:

  • Affordability: A chain link fence is among the least pricey to install compared to other fences. Thus they are very affordable.
  • Low maintenance: Chain-like fencing doesn’t need much upkeep at all. That is due to the galvanized coating. These fences are upkeep-free. So it’s an ideal option for any property.
  • Quick Installation: Chain link fencing doesn’t require much time for installation. That is a fantastic benefit if someone is on a strict schedule.
  • Durability: Chain-like fencing is made from interlocking coated steel wire. That’s the reason it is pretty tough. These traits make it more durable. Due to its zig-zag form, the material is far less liable to weather-related damage.

Cons of Chain-Like Fences:

Despite its benefits, chain-like fencing has some flaws, which are explained below:

  • No Privacy: As chain-like fences do not offer a solid wall of the guard, they are not considered privacy fences. They look fantastic. But they are not designed for privacy. If someone needs a fence for privacy, go for more valuable options.
  • Lack of Security: Chain-link fencing is not perfect for security. Most chain-link fences are 4-5 feet tall. The chains make the fence reasonably easy to climb. For a secured fence for your home, the chain-like fence is not a good option.

Vinyl Fences:

Vinyl is an effortless substitute for other fence materials. It is made of PVC, abbreviated as polyvinyl chloride. It is used for windows and other construction components. Vinyl is readily used in the construction of vinyl fences.

Pros of Vinyl Fences:

  • No Regular Maintenance: They’re built to last for a long span. And typically, it comes with excellent warranty protection. Vinyl fences are often carefree and ideal for any property.
  • Durable: Vinyl fencing is durable and flexible. Vinyl fencing lasts much longer than wood. Almost no maintenance is required. Moreover, it won’t be destroyed by fungus and fire.
  • Reliable: Once a vinyl fence is installed, it does not need to be treated, painted or repaired due to exposure to the elements, unlike a wood fence. The shelf life of a typical vinyl fence is 20-30 years.

Cons of Vinyl Fences:

Despite its attraction, vinyl fencing carries some snags, which are explained below:

  • Cost: Vinyl fencing is expensive because of the technical manufacturing process. Vinyl fencing has the up-front cost involved.
  • Lack of Strength: Vinyl fencing is not as strong as other types of fencing. Vinyl cannot resist impact like wood fencing. It lacks the flexibility to absorb impact as chain link fences.
  • Eco-Unfriendliness: Vinyl fencing is made from a plastic composite. That makes vinyl fencing non-eco-friendly.

Wooden Fence:

Wooden fences are the most popular type because they come in various styles. Wood is a versatile choice for fencing. Moreover, it is famous for its natural beauty. Affordability also makes it more beneficial. Finding a wooden fence of the right design and colour for your property is easy. Its repairing is as easy as replacing a board.

Pros of Wooden Fences:

  • Affordable: Wood is a natural material and is present in abundance in nature. Therefore, the price of wood fencing stays reasonably low. Affordance is one of the leading edges of wooden fencing.
  • Durable: When a wood fence is professionally installed and suitably upheld, it can last for decades and remain pretty.
  • Easy Cleaning: Simply using soap and water, wooden fences are cleaned. One can also save it from weather damage by treating it with paint or water repellant.
  • Environment friendly: Wood is a renewable resource. Due to this reason, wood is a good option for eco-conscious persons. And thus, wooden fences are eco-friendly.
  • Increase one’s property value: The most attractive features for home buyers are security and privacy after comfort. Wooden fencing provides the home with security and privacy, thus increasing one’s property’s value.

Cons of Wooden Fences:

Despite its benefits, wooden fencing has some flaws, which are discussed below:

  • Low maintenance: Wooden fencing requires regular maintenance. Usually, a wood fence needs to change within ten years. When wood dries, it fades, cracks and warps—highest maintenance compared to other types of fence.
  • Decomposition: Decomposing wood is weak to fungus and dry roots and at risk of termite infection.
  • No warranty: Due to the nature of the word, there is no warranty for the wooden fences.

Fences can be expensive to build and install. Fence material defines how much upkeep one has to perform and how much the structure will cost. Before investing, it’s wise to consider your specific needs. Must decide whether a fence is worth the cost or not.

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