How To Decorate A Chain Link Fence- 10 Decoration Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

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“Good fences make good neighbors,” as the proverb goes, but what about chain link fences? How to decorate a chain link fence? There are several methods to give these practical barricades some visual appeal since they might not be the most attractive option. Whether you want to add color, enhance seclusion, or simply make your fence stand out, there are many innovative décor ideas to consider.

Here we’ll explore how to decorate a chain link fence to adorn a chain link fence, from quirky decor items and camouflaging nets to natural and synthetic flowering vines. So read on for a few inspirations and recommendations if you want to spruce up your exterior and turn your fence into a thing of beauty. So let’s get started.

How To Decorate A Chain Link Fence (Decoration Ideas)?

So following are the 10 decoration ideas that will blow your mind and transform your fence like nothing.

Color it

Colors add life to things. Therefore, to make your chain link fence look appealing and dandy, you can simply paint it with a bright and popping color. You can opt for graceful black, lavish green, pure white, or neon hues that best complement your yard. However, when opting for the type and quality of the paint, make sure that the pigment you choose is rust-resistant and weather resistant so that you can flaunt a captivating fence for a long.

Natural or Artificial Flowering Vines

Nothing can be more beautiful and alluring than flowers in nature. The eye-catching colors, exotic rosette patterns, and fascinating fragrances of natural flowers are the best things you can add to your yard’s fence. In case you don’t have time or convenience to manage the natural flowering climbers, even though they are low maintenance, you can opt for artificial vines. Nowadays, artificial vines just look as if they were realistic.

Popular choices for flowering vines include:

  • Climbing hydrangea
  • Climbing roses
  • Honeysuckle
  • Trumpet vine
  • Wisteria
  • Morning glory
  • Passion Flower
  • Black-eyed Susan vine
  • Clematis
  • Carolina Jessamine
  • Hyacinth Bean vine
  • Blue Sky vine
  • Cypress vine

Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants include various bushes, trees, plants, or grasses that grow annually or perennially yet are bright green and grow lavishly. These plants are fast-growing and quickly cover your chain link fences, making them an ornamental garden screen to complement your yard. The only key is to sow the seeds or seedlings of these plants at the right time of their season and the right spot just in the near front of your barricade.

Popular varieties of bushes and shrubs include butterfly bushes, roses, lilacs, blueberries, Carolina flannelbush, hawthorn, forsythia, holly, euonymus, and boxwood. You can plant a weeping willow, yew, Leyland cypress, juniper, and ligustrum among the trees. Exotic ornamental grasses that best complement your chain link fence include silver grass, Japanese grass, Chinese grass, feather reed, liriope, switchgrass, and redhead fountain grass.

Privacy Slats

Chain link fence slats are long, narrow, and flat pieces usually made of high-quality PVC or aluminum inserted vertically into the chain link fence for added privacy and aesthetic appeal. These maintenance-free and everlasting privacy slats can provide up to 80% coverage and are available in a wide range of colors, shapes, materials, and sizes to choose from.

Trellises or Arbors

The best way to add a hint of architectural beauty to your backyard is by employing trellises or arbors. These wooden lattice frameworks look incredibly appealing when you place them in front of your chain link fences and are even more breathtaking when adding greenery or flowers to them. Trellises and arbors are readily available online and from any hardware shop in a wide range of lattice artwork, colors, wood quality, and sizes.

Bamboo Art

Another inexpensive and maintenance-free idea to decorate your chain link fence is using bamboo. Bamboo is a perennial flowering plant whose stems make bamboo screens by tieing bamboo with jute ropes. It adds a refreshing touch to your barricade and increases the oxygen levels in your environment. These sturdy dowels provide up to 90% coverage, so they are best for the one who wants more privacy while adorning his chain link fence.

Wooden Planks

Didn’t find anything to decorate your chain link fence? Try wooden planks. Simply buy this building material from any hardware shop and nail it with your chain link fence, and there you go! A simple, decent, and minimally decorated chain link fence. If you want to add something eye-catching to it, you can hang small plant pots and flower pots or simply paint the planks with a refreshing hue.

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Quirky Decoration Pieces

Quirky decoration pieces such as cups, vases, mason jar lights, street signs, tiles, fabric, fake flowers, and flags can add a captivating hint to your fence. It will be an exciting thing to amuse your neighborhood.

Camouflaging Nets and Laces

Armed forces and photographers usually use camouflaging nets to cover their camp with a spread that matches the surroundings and looks natural. You can also use this innovative textile to add privacy and embellishment to your chain link fence; it looks like grass wrapping the barricade. Another decorative material is lace made of fabric and dyed in various colors that you can use to adorn your chain link fence. These are available in numerous embroidered and Aplic designs.

Ribbons and Adhesive Tapes

Last yet, the wackiest and most intriguing way to decorate your chain link is by using ribbons, threads, and adhesive tapes. You can tie ribbons and threads to your fence in whatever way you like or interweave them to give a crochet art look to your barricade. Also, you can use adhesive tape to make a fake privacy screen for your fence. Moreover, if you are creative enough, you can make portraits or drawings with adhesive tape on your chain link fence.


Finally, a chain link fence need not be an eyesore in your yard. You can make your barricade an attractive feature that gives your home a visual flair, privacy, and personality with a bit of imagination and creative décor.

There are several ways to decorate your fence, including natural or artificial climbers, privacy slats, trellises or arbors, bamboo art, wooden planks, wacky items, camouflaging nets and laces, ribbons, or sticky tapes.  With the help of these styling suggestions, you can transform a practical fence into a lovely focal point that beautifies and defines your outdoor area.

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