12 Workable And Appealing Chain-Link Privacy Fence Ideas

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Owning and protecting territory is an instinctual behavior of every living organism on Earth. Since humanity is the highest form of creation, it is a product of exploration, experimentation, and reasoning. Due to these innate characteristics and a sense of responsibility, we are more committed to protecting our property. In addition to mere protection, we also need privacy and charisma simultaneously. For all that matters, a chain-link privacy fence is an ultimate solution.

Previously, simple chain-link fences have become common. Doubtlessly these fences were inexpensive and quite affordable; the problem was a lack of privacy and appeal. So here we have a unified package that offers complete protection, security, privacy, and appeal much economically.

How can we make chain link fences more appealing while adding privacy?

A worn-out chain-link fence can be a blight to your luscious green garden. Additionally, if the chain rusts and cracks, it requires a tremendous struggle to uproot it. Our DIY hacks for creating attractive, functional, and private chain-link fences address this issue. You can achieve the goal by incorporating both natural and artificial materials. Moreover, you can also have chain-link privacy fence inserts ready to use and available in the market. No more uproot, only upgrade!

Types of Chain-Link Privacy Fence Inserts:

Lite-Link Privacy Inserts

The most budget-friendly way to add maximum privacy to your fence is with lite-link privacy inserts. They are durable yet look fancy and elegant. As these inserts cannot provide 100% privacy, 65-70 percent is acceptable with the price and 7-year warranty.

Chain-Link Privacy

Bottom Lock Privacy Inserts

Bottom-lock privacy inserts give you about 70% privacy and an incredible 25 years of warranty. These are light-weighted, compact, sturdy, and stylish. Bottom lock privacy inserts consist of aluminum or HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). Thus, these inserts are practical both for homes and businesses as well.

Winged Slats Privacy Inserts

For properties that need 90% coverage, choose wing slats. In addition to providing privacy, winged slats also provide wind protection. The design includes tubular slats with legs inside for added support and serrations on wings for security. Furthermore, these inserts are available in different colors to match your home/garden style.

Natural and Eco-friendly Chain Link Privacy Fence Options:

These best privacy inserts will give your home and garden a tropical, earthy, and floral appearance. These are eco-friendly, eye-catching, and super durable. In addition, there is the possibility of creating unique designs and looks.

#1 The Green Screen

Living screens and greenery can make a chain-link fence appear more natural. Living screens comprise fresh cedar hedges that grow in a series of rows. Though they look stunning, they require tremendous effort, labor, and time to attain the picture of a perfect screen. Nevertheless, gardening lovers can surely opt for this ravishing and revitalizing green-style privacy fence.

Another smart way is to plant small yet luxuriant shrubs and trees close enough to offer maximum coverage. Moreover, this alternative method will not require any chain-link fence as a backbone.

#2 Bamboo Rolls

Bamboo rolls are the most sturdy, naturally-shaped, and abstractly-colored materials for chain-link privacy fences. They can provide 85% of the privacy needed. For this purpose, you can choose bamboo rolls of 1-2 inches in thickness and length according to your fence rack. Moreover, opt for the poles with nodes that act as weatherproof caps.

Bamboo rolls provide a very earthy and tropical look to your property fence, but they also have drawbacks. The first one is the color change from bright green to brown and silvery gray. A similar phenomenon occurs when leaves are yellow. However, you can prolong this change yet not stop it. Another problem is the vertical cracking that can eventually ruin your privacy fence. Nevertheless, bamboo fences are a popular choice for people who love them.

 #3 Reed Screens

Reeds are thin bamboo straws packed together in the form of rolls and fence screens. Reeds provide maximum coverage of 85% matching bamboo fences. However, they are less durable than bamboo, and the aesthetic appeal of reed screens is quite different. You can accentuate the look further by hanging small flower pots. Moreover, these screens are available up to 10 feet long at affordable prices. The major drawback is the color change and breakability, which can begin after two years.

#4 Climbing Vines

Climbing vines like Wisteria, Ivy, Star Jasmine, Hydrangea, and Virginia creeper are the most exclusive options to create a heavenly exquisite privacy fence. They are not just aesthetically pleasing, but they also provide maximum coverage of about 90%. In addition, these are fast-growing vines, which means you will not need much labor and time to get the actual picture of a natural chain link fence.

Chain-Link Privacy

#5 Trailing Flower Boxes

Planting trailing flowers or vines in planter boxes atop the chain link fence is another breakthrough. Add wooden panels to your chain link fence for privacy and support to make this style work. Dark-colored wooden panels with green trailing shrubs will look just pretty. For this purpose, you can opt for perennial evergreens like Silver Falls and White pearls. However, Silver Falls is the best choice as they produce bulky thick strands to add more privacy to your fence.

Chain-Link Privacy

#6 Wooden Panels

Building chain link privacy fences with wooden panels is the easiest and most durable option. Wooden boards are available in the market in various sizes and colors. Also, panels of varying quality come pre-nailed to facilitate installing your privacy fence. Using wooden panels gives you 95% coverage, which is phenomenal. Moreover, they are super durable and sturdy. The most reliable and weather tolerant is Cedarwood. Lastly, installation is challenging and requires two people to handle the heavy panels.

Besides Wooden panels, wooden lattice panels are also available. In this design, flat wooden panels are arranged in a criss-cross arrangement and have small holes to see through. However, the coverage is still up to 80 percent.

Chain-Link Privacy

Artificial Chain Link Privacy Fence Options

Artificial fences are more durable and resistant to drastic weather changes than natural options. Although they are expensive and require skills to install, they are cost-effective.

#7 Plastic Slats

Plastic slats are a suitable option to make your chain link fence more of a privacy screen. These slats come in different dimensions and of varying quality. Moreover, plastic slats are easier to install than plastic tape weaves. You merely need to slide them in and tie them to create an elegant-looking privacy fence.

#8 Plastic Tape Weave

To weave plastic tape into a chain-link fence, you do not need to slide it in, but instead, weave it in. Various brands sell plastic tape weaves of varying qualities and sizes. Typically these tapes are 2 inches wide and 250 feet long to cover a fence of approximately 40 square feet.

#9 Plastic Lattice Panels

Just as wooden lattice panels, plastic lattice panels are also available. Due to their low maintenance, weather, and UV resistance, plastic lattice panels are more in demand. In addition, installation is straightforward. You only need to put the lattice panels against your chain link fence and tie them up using zip ties or sturdy twines.

#10 Mesh screen/ Windscreen

Another great invention is the windscreen, also known as mesh screen. It is similar to a tarp yet is made of a netting fabric called HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene). This mesh cloth has numerous tiny holes, yet the visibility is still negligible (90% claimed coverage by popular brands). Furthermore, zip ties are easy to attach to the chain link fence with the means of zip ties by passing them through metal grommets. Mesh screens are available in many colors, but green is the most common choice for gardens and backyards.

Mesh screen

#11 Artificial Hedge Rolls

If you are impatient to wait for the plants to grow and cover your chain link fence, artificial hedges may be the answer. These artificial hedges consist of plastic resembling real leaves like ivy- the most popular option. You can easily buy these rolls from offline and online stores to create an effortless and workable privacy fence.

#12 Expandable Hedge Rolls

Expandable hedge rolls are similar to the former one explained here. Both of these bear faux leaves and are available in rolls. However, what makes them more convenient is that they are expandable. This feature is possible with the willow wood framework behind the faux hedge. It is stretchy and can expand to meet the dimensions of your chain fence. Though stretching it more might increase visibility by letting the leaves spread more. To avoid this, accurately measure your fence dimensions before buying the artificial hedge roll.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Install Bamboo Chain-Link Privacy Fence

  1. Measure your chain link fence dimensions, and then buy bamboo rolls for your fence from any retail shop or online store. They are affordable with a price range from two to a hundred US dollars.
  2. Then, take a wooden plank and put it on the soil to provide you support to level the bamboo roll.
  3. Unroll the bamboo roll along the width of your fence while keeping it vertically straight.
  4. Tie the bamboo to your chain link fence with the help of some zip ties, galvanized metal wire, twines, or jute. Galvanized metal wires provide more locking power than zip ties. However, the latter is easier to use while holding bamboo rolls.
  5. Tie the bamboo with your chain link fence every 12 inches along the width. You can add multiple rows of ties according to your fence and bamboo roll height. Sequentially place the straps or wires, one below the other. Also, tie the zips or twist the wires behind the front side of your chain-link fence.
  6. You can also use metal wires, and for that, you will need pliers to twist and cut the excess wire.
  7. Continue the steps till you cover your chain link fence completely. If needed, use another bamboo roll and tie it with the previous one in the same manner.


Adding privacy to your home, office, or garden is not a difficult chore. The need of the hour is to upgrade your chain link fence using different materials. Slats, lattice panels, and hedge rolls are synthetic options; climbing vines and shrubs are natural options. Depending on your budget, aesthetic choice, durability, and product quality, you can opt for any product. Always remember the above KPIs while you buy such products. Moreover, don’t forget to measure your chain link fence before buying the rolls, screens, or panels.

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